Mindful Portrait Photography Workshops

My dear friends I am very thrilled to announce two wonderful workshops that I will be running in the near future in St Kilda (for the South Siders) and in Abbotsford (for the North Siders):

Saturday 22nd June 11am to 1pm:Mindfulness meets Portrait photography’ held at New Acropolis Australia, 30 Wellington Street, St. Kilda. You can book your ticket here

Saturday 29th June 11am to 1pm: ‘Mindful Portrait Photography’ at the Abbotsford Convent, book your place here

In these two workshops we will be exploring the relationship between Photography and Mindfulness in a practical way. Can we be mindful of the present moment while taking a picture of someone? Photography and mindfulness are both tools intrinsically connected with the ‘here and now’. In this workshop, you will learn how to relate the two through practical exercises in the company of like-minded people. No need to bring your own gear, a film camera will be provided for the shooting sessions.

What you will gain: a very deep experience, meaningful connections with other participants (good experience for deepening a new or old partnership or friendship), the photos you took printed and delivered to your doorstep, tea and coffee to warm you up.

I am very looking forward to seeing you at either one or both the workshops.

Much love


‘The Light Within’ Exhibition


‘The Light Within’ will run at the Abbotsford Convent (VIC) until Sunday 7th October 2018.

Last weekend to come and see the exhibition at the Convent!! Artworks on sale (originals and prints), images will soon be uploaded on the website, stay tuned!

From the artist statement:

‘Eastern and Western Philosophies have a big influence on both my life and my art. My work is a reflection of this personal path towards the ultimate goal of fully ‘being’.

While in my artworks I use a variety of materials (installation, sculpture, photography and digital imaging) my methodology is consistent: the medium follows the message.

In the case of this exhibition, my attempt is to show through photography what I experience every time I meet a human being. I try to go beyond a gender, an age, a job title, a skin colour, a belief system or culture. I see the human being. I see the light within that person. My hope is for everyone to look for that beautiful bright light in all those we meet.

In this project, I used photography for its immediacy in capturing the human body but also for its ability to glimpse into the metaphysical: the light comes from within the subject as much as it comes from the outside.’

Here are few pictures from the gallery:




And some images taken at the Opening:



Q&A with Laura Bianchi from the Abbotsford Convent (read the whole article at https://abbotsfordconvent.com.au/blog/in-conversation-with-convent-artists-jo-condon-and-nadin )




HUG: Humans User Guide

Hello fellow humans!

I am back from a long break from blogs and social media for an update about my recent discoveries!

Since the beginning of my research (2 years already!), I have been working on the concept of connection. After various stages and outcomes, that I consider like branches all sprouting from the same trunk, I came to a major breakthrough in February that made me rethink entirely my art practice. At the beginning of this year, I started working on my emotions. I followed the directions found in the book ‘Letting Go’ by David R. Hawkins. I basically connected to what we regard as ‘negative’ emotions like fear and anxiety, for instance. I then tried to watch these emotions and kept feeling them without escaping the discomfort. It was very challenging. I then connected to the opposite of those feelings, like courage and acceptance. After a couple of months of practice, I found that I could automatically connect to a sense of love and compassion for myself. It was a sublime feeling of acceptance, after years of being so harsh on myself. Self-compassion is something that is not taught at school. Indeed the opposite is true: teachers and adults, in general, can be very harsh and judgemental with children. Those voices then, go inside our mind and become the voices of our conscience. From this, it is easy to understand how we can often be our own worst enemy.

A clear example is when one of our friends is having a rough time. We try to be kind and gentle. But when we are having a bad time, we judge ourselves very harshly.

This insight really changed the purpose of my art. Having tasted the beauty of love and compassion myself, how can I help people understand the power of these feelings?

That is when I brainstormed possible ways to help others and one of them is HUG: Humans User Guide and it’s an attempt to write an Instruction Manual for human beings, based on the replies of people that I meet on my photo journey. The question that I ask is simple:

‘If every human being came with a personal instruction manual, what would yours look like? What would some of the main instructions be?’

The effect is double: on one hand, I get to be compassionate listening to the stories of the people I meet. I get to practice a feeling that, I believe, can be developed and kept alive.

On the other hand, I hope to inspire self-compassion in my interviewees and compassion in the people reading the stories online.

One of my inspirations is the amazing blog Humans of New York. The founder of the project was initially more interested in the photographic aspect of the work but the result is very similar to HUG: one can’t help but feel compassion for people’s stories. I decided to keep the word ‘humans’ in my project as well. The main reason is because compassion and love transcend race, colour, religion, sex, identity, etc,… It’s universal. It’s a human thing. I want to state that the stories that I feature are of human beings like you and me. It also means that I am like you. There is no difference between you and me, we both have emotions and we are both struggling with them. This is when compassion for others can arise: when you realise that the person in front of you is like you. Even if they have an addiction to substances, are homeless, thieves or murderers: they are all me. And I am them.

I also opted for the acronym HUG because it really expresses the concept of connection that I previously mentioned. It’s a universal expression of compassion, brotherhood and love.

The following is the first post featuring one of my friends in Melbourne. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think 😉

What I would suggest to myself is what I always say to my son: don’t waste your energy living in fear. It can be a useful emotion sometimes, but only if you know how to manage it… otherwise, if you are controlled by it, it will block you and it will make you waste a lot of time.

Since I was little, I had the fear of losing the people I loved. I had the premonition that I would have lost both my parents soon. I would often dream of my dad in an accident. One day, I was only 12, my dad was going out for a ride on his pushbike. He asked me to choose his outfit. Instead of picking the best one, I chose the ugliest because I could feel that it might have been the last time I would have seen him. I wanted to keep his best outfit for me, at home. And that’s exactly what happened. He died that same night. My mum died years after of an incurable disease. The night she passed away I had a dream about her. I was driving my car to the supermarket. It was dark outside. She was sitting next to me and said: ‘See? You can finally stop being afraid because I am gone now, but at the same time I can be here with you’.”

Elena, Melbourne, Australia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/__h_u_g__/

How often do you feel?

Happy 2017 everybody!!

Here’s a good way to start the year. This is something that truly changed the way I live my daily life.

In one sentence: ‘I live in the feeling’. It sounds weird, right? But that’s what I do. I don’t focus on the mind and thoughts; I don’t focus on the outside world nor the body. My focus is the feeling.

We live in a society, the West at least, where only the mind is important. We are all head and no heart, as the Dalai Lama once said. I started a journey that is so much rewarding. Shifting the focus to my feelings is making my life so much more colourful!!

I have to admit, the beginning is not easy. It’s very confronting. There are some feelings that you just want to escape. They feel too strong to bear. But the more you do it, the easier and more rewarding it gets. Believe me.

Being able to deal with your feelings will help you solving so many issues, both personal and professional. Where you saw a problem and conflict before, now you see an opportunity to grow.

Think it this way: we are like computers. When we are born we are ’empty’. The environment (our parents, experiences that we do, etc,…) gives us the first programs, the ones we need for our survival. The people we learn this info from, our programmers, are key in this phase. For example, if they worry all the time, they program us with that worry. We are animals that learn by imitation. So, by 3 years of age, we have a set of programs based mainly on the ones handed down by our family. Then we evolve in life, we become more complex. But, basically, we never update those old programs!! It’s like having an Atari from the 80’s instead of the latest Mac! Which one do you think would work better?

That’s what I am doing now: reprogramming my system. How?

If you want to use just your thoughts, it would take ages. You noticed how, when you start a thought, another will follow and then another and soon you find yourself lost in a trail of thoughts and you don’t even remember where you started? That’s a good indication that it is not the right path. Following the method indicated by David Hawkins in the book ‘Power vs Force’, I am facing my feelings instead. The reason is because at the root of every program there is a feeling. We attached a feeling or emotion to everything we learnt. So if we want to act on our programs we need to go to the root of them. They are like the foundation of a house of cards: you remove one of the bottom cards and all the house will collapse. It is the same principle with the mind: tackle the feeling, look straight into its eyes, ‘feel’ with no fear until it’s gone. It will be unnatural at the beginning, I know. But it’s because we are not used to it and no one ever told us how to do it (that would be a good program to teach a kid!!). According to Carl G. Jung, we deal with our feelings by repressing, suppressing or escaping. We are so used to do this that, facing the feeling just seems absurd. ‘Why do I have to suffer?’, we think. It’s like when someone put a sad song on. Everyone would ask: why did you choose a sad song and not a happy one? We are scared of certain feelings and we escape them in every possible manner. Now, we live in a time when escapism is probably the main motto! You have entertainment everywhere. You have it in your pocket right now. As soon as a certain feeling comes up what do you do? You pick up the phone and check the latest on Facebook! My friend, try this method. Feel! Next time, I will tell you what to do if the feeling is an uncomfortable one.

Congratulations! You are on the right path to re-program yourself.


I take pictures of people’s energy…

…and I use water as film!! Oh yes! This is the essence of the project I have been working on for a while. My year-long research took the shape of ‘water photography’!

The process is simple:

  • you take some tap water;

  • place some tiny drops on a microscope slide;

  • let them dry;

  • place the slide under the microscope and snap a pic!

  • the result is a photo of your own, unique energy (different for every person!) impressed on water!

This is what my energy looks like! It reminds me of Carl Sagan’s quote: “We are made of star stuff”.  

Now, there are more details to make this happen. For example, it has to be a darkfield microscope, you have to use certain magnification lenses, between the subject and anyone else there has to be a distance of at least 1.5 m , etc,…

But according to Prof. Kroplin, who made the discovery and has led the research in Germany for more than 15 years, the experiment is repeatable.

That’s what I want to do. I want to repeat the experiment, taking beautiful pictures of my energy and see if I can change my energy by means of meditation, thoughts, stress, etc,… I want to see what my good and bad energies look like. And plus I want to create an archive of people and their energy. I want to see the correlation between a particular person’s energy and the person’s life. For example, I want to understand what affects the energy: star sign, date of birth, place of origin, diet, religion or political views, etc…

Furthermore, is there such a thing as good energy and bad energy? Do they ‘look’ consistent for everyone? E.g.: if good energy is when the droplet has a defined core in the middle of the drop, does that mean that people with defined core have good energy? And vice-versa?

I know it’s an ambitious project, but how exciting! Good Vibes to yous!!

Good Vibes to yous!!

Story of a grownup fish

Before I was born I was a little fish. Free swimming and exploring the universe in the environment that made up more than 80% of my own body: water. I was in peace, the universe was like a mother for me and I could feel every little vibration. I kept exploring and expanding for what I thought was ages. But one infamous day I felt it was time to go. And the universe was aware of it. I could see clearly the direction. I was afraid, but I trusted my universe. It was cold. My gills couldn’t breathe. It was an alien environment. A creature held me for a while and then put me in a tank of water. I was able to breathe again through my gills but the tank was too small for me to move. I was afraid, it was cold and I didn’t know the other creatures around me. It was a nightmare.

Slowly I started discovering new things about this world so different from the one I was used to. These creatures had a different energy. They were emitting weird frequencies from their mouth that hurt my ears. They couldn’t decipher my screams for help. They couldn’t understand that the only thing I wanted was to go back to my water.

In the next few months, slowly, without even realising it, they moved me out my tank and put me in the open cold air. I started using my fins as limbs and my gills as lungs. I started understanding their weird language and they were so happy when I started repeating what they were saying.

Especially two words made them so happy and raised their energy frequencies so much: mum and dad. After a while, I clumsily started walking on my legs.

I was gaining such a satisfaction by pleasing them. I really wanted for them to always have a high energy level. But it was so hard. They didn’t even know what they really wanted from me. I noticed since the early days that there were more creatures like mum and dad. These creatures really loved touching my face and making weird noises with their mouth and making stupid faces.

All this pleasing them made me forget what I really liked. But I trusted them. I felt that they had all the solutions, all the answers. My mum and dad kept me busy. Soon enough I could remember nothing of my days in the water.

Life went on for years. Many new experiences were lived, some good, many hard and limiting.

Then one-day “nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi ritrovai per una selva oscura che’ la diritta via era smarrita” 1

I knew I had lost something but I forgot what it was. I started asking other people what I needed.

Some said sex, some said money, some said fortune. Some said all of them. Some said freedom. Some said friendship is better than love, some said the opposite. Some said god loves you. Some said religions divided us. Some said find your purpose and will find yourself. Some said meditate, the answer will come.

God they all looked so appealing! But people also said that it was hard to get the answers. The true way was the hard way, as opposite to the easy way. But, I said, I am sure I had all of this at some point, and it wasn’t hard. I remembered that now. They laughed at me. Look at the stars, VIPs, entrepreneurs, they said. They fought hard, they won battles and wars to get there. How can you have all that they conquered without fighting against the universe?

Yes, I thought, they must be right. They know better than me. Let’s fight. And so I fought for many years but still I was in the selva oscura. How to get to my goal? And what was my goal? I was very confused.

So I started with something. I did a meditation course. It was a bliss. Yes! this must be it! I thought. This makes me feel so good that must be similar to what I forgot!

But after a while, I could see its limitations. I wasn’t following myself, my real dream. I had to stick to rigid rules. The yogi masters would tell you what to do and what not to do. And I followed their instructions. They know, I would think. They have been there and they are making my path easier. I’d better follow their steps. I tried for 5 years. Different kinds of meditation, philosophies, a bit of yoga, vegetarianism and even enrolled to a film school because I thought my future was to be a film-maker.

I was on a good path but still something was missing. I was nostalgic of something. A lost taste or smell, a lost feeling and sensation.

Then one day I found a rock. It was right there on the path that I have been walking for years but I couldn’t see it earlier or maybe I didn’t want to see it. I picked up the rock. It was small but heavy. Where the rock was I could see a sprinkle of water. The sprinkle became a feeble stream. The stream then increased and very soon became a strong flow. Wow, I thought, where all that water came from? I was curious to feel it so I dipped a foot into the flow. It was nice. I turned around and told all my friends about my discovery. It was incredible: they were all supporting me. Good job Daniel! Keep going!

So I dipped both feet into the water. Wow, it was so nice that pretty soon I dived into the river. The current wasn’t too hard but at some point I was scared. I remember at some pint thinking that it was too hard. Wait a moment, I said to myself, What am I doing? Let’s go back to the forest. Let’s go back where everyone is. It’s warmer and safer there. I got out of the water. I was almost convinced but I looked back to the river and I thought: wait, I remember now. I remember this feeling. It’s the feeling of freedom and belonging. I have been here before!

And just like that, a flash of when I had fins and gills came back into my mind. Yes, this is my purpose, this is my way!

I dived back into my river. I started swimming and swimming and swimming. My limbs became fins again and my lungs became gills again. I could finally be in my beloved element: water.

But life in the river is not always easy! So many obstacles and fishermen out there trying to catch me! Now that I am free and not in the forest with them some people almost hate me. I could feel their vibrations. Look at that fish! they say. Where the hell does he think is going? And splash, they throw their big fishhooks at me. But I know my element now and avoid the hooks. But I have to say sometimes it’s hard to avoid all the fishhooks they throw at me. I have scars on my scales. Some heal quickly, some take a bit longer.

But I love my life now. Free into my river again.

And I want to share my story with you because I want for everyone to find their own river again.

Follow my journey along the river. It might help you remember where your river is. And if you have already found your river, share your story with us and let us know how you found it!

1From Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy: “Midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost”.

The frequencies we live in

Click the image to see the gif

William Buhlman is an OBE expert. OBE stands for Out of Body Experience. With a technique that he has perfected over the years he’s able to move to a different energy level, to a different state of consciousness.

In the previous post I was explaining how every researcher of the consciousness uses a different terminology. Here is an example. Igor Sibaldi and William Buhlman are saying the same things just using different words and using different techniques.

Specifically Buhlman is reaching the OBE using a self induced state of “trance”. He repeats several times to himself “Now I am out of my body” as he drifts to sleep. After falling asleep he detaches from his physical body and start floating. This is what he calls the first energy body. It is lighter than the physical one. Less dense. He can fly over the city and pass through physical objects. But there are more energy levels. The vibrational state of every level is higher and higher. The body becomes non existent. Pure energy. As he defines it: the physical world is nothing but “the outer epidermis of the Universe”.

And Buhlman has even Nobel laureates backing up his theory (or should I say that he is backing up them?). A remarkable example is Eugene Wigner that basically states that it is impossible to not take consciousness into consideration when speaking of science. Together with David Bohm, Henry Pierce Stapp, Walter Heitler, Fritz London and John von Neumann he is a supporter of the “consciousness creates reality” quantum theory.

We create our reality. Consciously and subconsciously.

I am deeply fascinated with Buhlman’s experiences. Mainly because he clearly talks about the very thing that interests me: the inner nature that is at the center of my practice. Thanks to him now I see my inner nature a step clearer: a connection with different energy levels. The body that we carry and everything “material” are only the crust, the epidermis of the Universe. Much like our eyes only see a small part of the spectrum of light, so we only see a small part of reality. We only see those frequencies emitted by dense matter. We miss all the infinite frequencies that make our universe.


Ps: to get William Buhlman’s book click here



The Invisible Masters

I’m back on my blog after a (big) break!! “What are you up to?” you would wonder!

I am still working on my research. Briefly: it is about the connection->the space->the bridge between our inner nature and outer Nature. The more I read and learn about consciousness and the state of awareness, the more I see similarities with other researchers of this topic. We just use different words and terminology. I am sure I don’t say anything different from what any religion says. It’s just that religions seem to get stuck on the literal aspect of their sacred texts, and forgot the real meaning behind them.

But let’s come back to my project. During my researches I came across to many authors and researchers from vary disciplines. This blog is a sort of a journal in which I share the knowledge that I am acquiring (in both English and Italian texts). You can look at me as a researcher investigating the unknown and sharing all my results with you. Please feel free to interact and send me your feedbacks or teach me new things. If you feel that you are learning something, feel free to share my posts or subscribe to my Newsletter.


Today I watched the first part the video course “The invisible masters” by Igor Sibaldi. Sibaldi is an Italian author and researcher diving deep into consciousness, philosophy, mythology and religions. In Italy he is one of the biggest selling authors in his field.

The course teaches us how to get in contact with the “spirit guides” or how he calls them the “maestri” (=the masters).

The first part is mainly theoretic. He explains who these spirits are. Are they the spirits of dead people or are they just in our mind? According to Sibaldi they are projections of our mind. Basically what we call “I” is made of different layers. As I show in the image below, the small circle is the “I” of an adult. It hasn’t always been that small. When we were born our “I” was the bigger circle, the “I” of the baby. With the passing of time that big circle has shrunk because of the effect of little traumas. Every trauma is a line engrained in the bigger “I” causing its reduction to the small “I”.

The 3 layers of the "I"
The 3 layers of the “I”

The purpose of this course is to build a bridge connecting the small “I” to the “beyond” of the big circle. The “maestri” are the projection of our mind that help to cross that bridge and to go to that “beyond” (“aldila’” in Italian, term that is used also to refer to the hereafter).

In the the second part Sibaldi guides us to a practical visualisation of the “maestri”. In this phase we use the imagination (from Latin “imago”, literally creating “images”) to create our visualisation. The first step is to focus to the eye lids (the only part of your body that you can’t see, not even with help of a mirror). They represent the limit of our perception. Next is the visualisation of all the colours of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Next is the beginning of a street. Walking through the street, observing what is around us and the details of the street itself. Next is the creation of a picture frame in front of us, stretching the frame, push it like a door and then stepping inside of it. We are on a shore of a river/lake. We see a motorboat. We step in. The boat bring us to the other side of the river/lake. We see a cave. We go inside and follow the two flights of stairs, with brand new brass handrail. We arrive into the “Oval Chamber”. There are many doors around us. From one of them the first maestro appears. From another door the second maestro comes in. This is the moment when we start asking question to the maestri. We don’t speak to them. We open the left eye (connected to the right hand side of the brain, more intuitive) and write down question and answers. For the first couple of question we “invent” the answers. We are aware of this. The invented answer are written in a not fluent way, because we are thinking what to write. When the first not clear answer appears, that’s the signal that the maestro has tuned into the conversation. At that point we ask:”What do you mean?”. The hand writing will become more fluent, almost like if we are copying a text from another source. The maestri now are speaking.

After few questions we thanks the maestri and accompany them to the doors. We leave the cave and go back through the way we walked.

The experience that I had was very interesting. I couldn’t see my maestri clearly. They didn’t have the face of someone that I know in real life. They were more like a bluish shimmering light. I asked them if they were there to help me. They said that they were there to help me “to see the light at the border of your world. Your world is unknown […] If you walk the street in the right way you will have your gift”.

Wow, I was very intrigued by these words. But still I feel a bit skeptical. I guess it is the first stage. Even when I used the Subdrawings technique my rational mind was initially skeptical. I feel that is normal to be that way at the beginning.

Anyway I am still downloading the second (of three) part of the course. Stay tuned to read more about these and other techniques that I am using to explore my consciousness!!




PS: for Italian speakers check out Sibaldi’s website!

Interview with Melbourne Artist CHRIS NASH

chris profile pic



Here is the first interview to a fellow visual artist, Chris Nash. Chris lives in Melbourne, Australia.

I asked him a bit about his art practice and the “whys” behind his choice to be an artist.

You can find his works on his Instagram account:  @cjnasho

Let me know if you have any feedback!!