The Invisible Masters

I’m back on my blog after a (big) break!! “What are you up to?” you would wonder!

I am still working on my research. Briefly: it is about the connection->the space->the bridge between our inner nature and outer Nature. The more I read and learn about consciousness and the state of awareness, the more I see similarities with other researchers of this topic. We just use different words and terminology. I am sure I don’t say anything different from what any religion says. It’s just that religions seem to get stuck on the literal aspect of their sacred texts, and forgot the real meaning behind them.

But let’s come back to my project. During my researches I came across to many authors and researchers from vary disciplines. This blog is a sort of a journal in which I share the knowledge that I am acquiring (in both English and Italian texts). You can look at me as a researcher investigating the unknown and sharing all my results with you. Please feel free to interact and send me your feedbacks or teach me new things. If you feel that you are learning something, feel free to share my posts or subscribe to my Newsletter.


Today I watched the first part the video course “The invisible masters” by Igor Sibaldi. Sibaldi is an Italian author and researcher diving deep into consciousness, philosophy, mythology and religions. In Italy he is one of the biggest selling authors in his field.

The course teaches us how to get in contact with the “spirit guides” or how he calls them the “maestri” (=the masters).

The first part is mainly theoretic. He explains who these spirits are. Are they the spirits of dead people or are they just in our mind? According to Sibaldi they are projections of our mind. Basically what we call “I” is made of different layers. As I show in the image below, the small circle is the “I” of an adult. It hasn’t always been that small. When we were born our “I” was the bigger circle, the “I” of the baby. With the passing of time that big circle has shrunk because of the effect of little traumas. Every trauma is a line engrained in the bigger “I” causing its reduction to the small “I”.

The 3 layers of the "I"
The 3 layers of the “I”

The purpose of this course is to build a bridge connecting the small “I” to the “beyond” of the big circle. The “maestri” are the projection of our mind that help to cross that bridge and to go to that “beyond” (“aldila’” in Italian, term that is used also to refer to the hereafter).

In the the second part Sibaldi guides us to a practical visualisation of the “maestri”. In this phase we use the imagination (from Latin “imago”, literally creating “images”) to create our visualisation. The first step is to focus to the eye lids (the only part of your body that you can’t see, not even with help of a mirror). They represent the limit of our perception. Next is the visualisation of all the colours of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Next is the beginning of a street. Walking through the street, observing what is around us and the details of the street itself. Next is the creation of a picture frame in front of us, stretching the frame, push it like a door and then stepping inside of it. We are on a shore of a river/lake. We see a motorboat. We step in. The boat bring us to the other side of the river/lake. We see a cave. We go inside and follow the two flights of stairs, with brand new brass handrail. We arrive into the “Oval Chamber”. There are many doors around us. From one of them the first maestro appears. From another door the second maestro comes in. This is the moment when we start asking question to the maestri. We don’t speak to them. We open the left eye (connected to the right hand side of the brain, more intuitive) and write down question and answers. For the first couple of question we “invent” the answers. We are aware of this. The invented answer are written in a not fluent way, because we are thinking what to write. When the first not clear answer appears, that’s the signal that the maestro has tuned into the conversation. At that point we ask:”What do you mean?”. The hand writing will become more fluent, almost like if we are copying a text from another source. The maestri now are speaking.

After few questions we thanks the maestri and accompany them to the doors. We leave the cave and go back through the way we walked.

The experience that I had was very interesting. I couldn’t see my maestri clearly. They didn’t have the face of someone that I know in real life. They were more like a bluish shimmering light. I asked them if they were there to help me. They said that they were there to help me “to see the light at the border of your world. Your world is unknown […] If you walk the street in the right way you will have your gift”.

Wow, I was very intrigued by these words. But still I feel a bit skeptical. I guess it is the first stage. Even when I used the Subdrawings technique my rational mind was initially skeptical. I feel that is normal to be that way at the beginning.

Anyway I am still downloading the second (of three) part of the course. Stay tuned to read more about these and other techniques that I am using to explore my consciousness!!




PS: for Italian speakers check out Sibaldi’s website!