The frequencies we live in

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William Buhlman is an OBE expert. OBE stands for Out of Body Experience. With a technique that he has perfected over the years he’s able to move to a different energy level, to a different state of consciousness.

In the previous post I was explaining how every researcher of the consciousness uses a different terminology. Here is an example. Igor Sibaldi and William Buhlman are saying the same things just using different words and using different techniques.

Specifically Buhlman is reaching the OBE using a self induced state of “trance”. He repeats several times to himself “Now I am out of my body” as he drifts to sleep. After falling asleep he detaches from his physical body and start floating. This is what he calls the first energy body. It is lighter than the physical one. Less dense. He can fly over the city and pass through physical objects. But there are more energy levels. The vibrational state of every level is higher and higher. The body becomes non existent. Pure energy. As he defines it: the physical world is nothing but “the outer epidermis of the Universe”.

And Buhlman has even Nobel laureates backing up his theory (or should I say that he is backing up them?). A remarkable example is Eugene Wigner that basically states that it is impossible to not take consciousness into consideration when speaking of science. Together with David Bohm, Henry Pierce Stapp, Walter Heitler, Fritz London and John von Neumann he is a supporter of the “consciousness creates reality” quantum theory.

We create our reality. Consciously and subconsciously.

I am deeply fascinated with Buhlman’s experiences. Mainly because he clearly talks about the very thing that interests me: the inner nature that is at the center of my practice. Thanks to him now I see my inner nature a step clearer: a connection with different energy levels. The body that we carry and everything “material” are only the crust, the epidermis of the Universe. Much like our eyes only see a small part of the spectrum of light, so we only see a small part of reality. We only see those frequencies emitted by dense matter. We miss all the infinite frequencies that make our universe.


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