‘The Light Within’ Exhibition


‘The Light Within’ will run at the Abbotsford Convent (VIC) until Sunday 7th October 2018.

Last weekend to come and see the exhibition at the Convent!! Artworks on sale (originals and prints), images will soon be uploaded on the website, stay tuned!

From the artist statement:

‘Eastern and Western Philosophies have a big influence on both my life and my art. My work is a reflection of this personal path towards the ultimate goal of fully ‘being’.

While in my artworks I use a variety of materials (installation, sculpture, photography and digital imaging) my methodology is consistent: the medium follows the message.

In the case of this exhibition, my attempt is to show through photography what I experience every time I meet a human being. I try to go beyond a gender, an age, a job title, a skin colour, a belief system or culture. I see the human being. I see the light within that person. My hope is for everyone to look for that beautiful bright light in all those we meet.

In this project, I used photography for its immediacy in capturing the human body but also for its ability to glimpse into the metaphysical: the light comes from within the subject as much as it comes from the outside.’

Here are few pictures from the gallery:




And some images taken at the Opening:



Q&A with Laura Bianchi from the Abbotsford Convent (read the whole article at https://abbotsfordconvent.com.au/blog/in-conversation-with-convent-artists-jo-condon-and-nadin )