Mindful Portrait Photography Workshops

My dear friends I am very thrilled to announce two wonderful workshops that I will be running in the near future in St Kilda (for the South Siders) and in Abbotsford (for the North Siders):

Saturday 22nd June 11am to 1pm:Mindfulness meets Portrait photography’ held at New Acropolis Australia, 30 Wellington Street, St. Kilda. You can book your ticket here

Saturday 29th June 11am to 1pm: ‘Mindful Portrait Photography’ at the Abbotsford Convent, book your place here

In these two workshops we will be exploring the relationship between Photography and Mindfulness in a practical way. Can we be mindful of the present moment while taking a picture of someone? Photography and mindfulness are both tools intrinsically connected with the ‘here and now’. In this workshop, you will learn how to relate the two through practical exercises in the company of like-minded people. No need to bring your own gear, a film camera will be provided for the shooting sessions.

What you will gain: a very deep experience, meaningful connections with other participants (good experience for deepening a new or old partnership or friendship), the photos you took printed and delivered to your doorstep, tea and coffee to warm you up.

I am very looking forward to seeing you at either one or both the workshops.

Much love