Follow up on “Subdrawings”

I am back!!! I took a (long) break from my blog but I am here today to reconnect with yous! More than ever! =>You will know what I mean in next few days!

Today I was scrolling down my blog and my attention was caught by the post I wrote about Subdrawings. Have a look here if you haven’t read yet 😉

I had completely forgotten about its content. After that post the mechanic asked me if a friend of mine and I could shoot some photos and a video for his new business. That way I could pay off my scooter. That’s a great opportunuity, I thought. So we started organising and producing the shooting. It was about the end of December when he pulled out and told us that the money that we were asking on top of the scooter was too much. Bugger! Ok. So I started looking for another scooter (to stay truthful to my Subrawing 🙂 ). But after a quick research on line I noticed that the prices were higher than fixing my old scooter 🙁

So another month passed by. I didn’t have all the money so I asked the mechanic to wait until I had the money before starting working on the engine. I received another phone call from the mechanic. He wanted some photos for the website. Ok, I said, but I want my scooter fixed then ahaha. 

On the day of the photo shooting I had to wait a couple of hours before the scooters were ready to go. I had a look around to all the motorbikes that the mechanic was fixing. I was particularly intrigued by the motor-scooters with bigger wheels. I still had a part of myself that wanted to go with something different. So I asked the mechanic about the convenience of having a scooter with bigger wheels over one with small wheels. He said that was more or less the same. I indulged in the idea of having one of those. Literally after five minutes one of the scooter riders was chatting with his friend. I approached them and heard something about a scooter. I asked him what scooter. He told me that was selling a scooter with big wheels, with less kms than mine and for $500!!! I couldn’t believe it! That was the scooter that I wanted!! 

I bought it on the spot! That afternoon he came and dropped it at my house.

But really, it wasn’t until today that I realised that my Subdrawing was right. It took more than three months for it to become reality, but at the end it was right: I got another scooter!

Motto: Follow your intuition guys!!