The tree is aligned

drwing tree copy

Yesterday I was on the tram and I saw a tree. How many times you see a tree and don’t actually see it? Well yesterday I saw it! And something clicked. I saw the trunk and the leaves and the branches. But then I imagined the roots. And bam! It clicked right there. It’s the image I was looking for to align the subconscious with the conscious mind. Ok, let’s step back.

So, briefly, we all know that we have a subconscious mind, right? (thank you Sigmund!). And we all know that we have a conscious mind. Now when the two are not aligned we are unhappy. Eg: we really want to be rich (conscious desire) but somewhere in our subconscious there is the belief that we will never be rich. There it is a misalignment! 

But when the two are aligned a flow of energy channels into the reality and the universe. So I drew the picture above (left hand side) to make it clear. But when I saw the tree I realised that it was the perfect example of what I was trying to represent. The roots represent the subconscious (hidden under the soil). The nutrients are extract from the soil and channelled into the trunk (that is naturally aligned!). From the trunk (consciousness) the lymph goes into the branches and from there to leaves and flowers (=reality but also what we are projecting into the future!). 

That is why I was so happy to see the tree from the tram 🙂 !!!

Through my work and life I am personally trying to align my trunk with my roots. But what we generally miss in this natural equation is the branches and leaves and flowers. We could potentially have amazing and thick branches but we are satisfied with one or two green branches. I will go more in depth in one of my future posts but I’ll briefly explain what I mean. 

We grew up in a society that mainly thinks in cause-effect terms. If something happens today the cause must be in the past. In reality everything changed last century when a terrific group of superheros…sorry, of scientists discovered how classic physics doesn’t apply to the subatomic world. The deeper we go into reality the weirder things get! An example is the “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle”. Basically we can’t do any experiment with subatomic particles without affecting their behavior!! I am still surprised how all these amazing discoveries didn’t change our perspective on the world! Yes, because what Heisenberg discovered is that our consciousness is affecting the reality! Yes because guess what is the universe made of? Exactly, subatomic particles!! Consciousness is not just an abstract concept, it is a practical and concrete thing! 

So, Nadin, what all this has to do with the tree? 

Oh, yes, so basically we are affecting the reality. But practically that means that we are creating our own future! Time and space are part of our universe. The universe doesn’t distinguish if it’s future or past or present. It is our brain that, through the evolution and to make sense of the reality, created this vision. So we think that a certain cause created a certain effect only because we can see it before our eyes. But what we are doing is exactly the opposite. Our consciousness (that is a real thing, remember!) is creating negative or positive thoughts, fears or desires,etc.. and all of this is affecting the reality that will be (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle + Universe doesn’t distinguish time). The Universe doesn’t distinguish between negative and positive either so it will realise whatever thought was most prominent in our mind. Booooom!!! So it’s what we throw into the future that is dragging us towards it and not what we did in the past that is pushing us!

Here it comes the analogy with the leaves and flowers. You can have amazing and thick branches, but that is up to you. You project and throw your desires into the universe/future. But careful, only if they are aligned with your true subconscious believes they will be strong enough to blossom!

I have explained all these concepts very briefly. The book where I found all these infos is written by Fabio Marchesi, an Italian physicist but unfortunately there is no English translation. But I will find something similar in English 😉 

Happy thoughts!!!