Branch, 2015 - outsourced tree branch, coloured Artline pen, Adobe suite (Illustrator and Photoshop CC), scanner and printer. is the result of the This work is the result of the practice-based research that I have been carrying out, in which I explore the liminal space between my own inner nature and the outer Nature. The former being the internal landscape of intuitions, feelings, consciousness and subconscious. The latter intended as the world around us, both natural and social environment.
The Kid, 2015 -Digital imaging printed as B&W poster. The Kid (2015) was successfully selected at the 2015 Cheap Festival Street Poster Art held in Bologna, Italy. The curatorial brief was focusing on the concept of fullness and emptiness: in particular, the aim of the Festival was to use empty billboards around the city and give them a new lease on life. Personally, the work was once again a way to reconnect with my past, this time by means of lines, positive and negative space. The work has also been selected to be featured in the book "Cheap Festival".


My Hiroshima, 2014 - Installation: slide projector, metal wire sculpture, lights, audio and video.

The installation is a metaphor to represent the effect of the loss of my mother. I make a comparison between the atomic bombs dropped in Japan in 1945 and the personal catastrophic event that changed my life forever. The soundtrack is taken from a tape cassette that my brother Jason and I recorded before my mother died. At that time I was living in Italy and the dialogues are all in Italian.

Where have I been?, 2015 - cork board, old photo printed on transparent film, pins, thread.

The work used thread as a way to reconnect with my past, in particular with the figure of my mum. Sewing was an act that I always associated with my mum Elena. After her departure when I was only 12, I used sewing as a means to reconnect with her and at the same time as a personal gestural mantra to connect with my inner nature and subconscious.

Interwoven Family, 2015 - bamboo digital paper, threads, transparency film, vintage photograph.

This work is an attempt to reconnect to the figure of my mother, who passed away when I was 12. By means of sewing I connected to her and to my past. The repetitiveness of the act of sewing was almost conceived as a mantra and induced me into a state of trance. Metaphorically speaking, the transparent layer of the reality was held together by the threads of our connections.

Shiny, 2015 - Light box: timber, lana colour paper, LED lights;

Shiny was part of the exhibition "Paperworks", at Brunswick Street Gallery in August 2015 in association with Craft Victoria. Focusing on the materiality and labour of craft-work and art creation, Paperwork was an opportunity for artists to demonstrate new perspectives on paper. Shiny was also reconnecting to my own past and communicating with the other works shown in the exhibition ("Interwoven Family" and "Nesty"). In particular, it was an attempt to reconnect with my own family.

Nesty, 2015 - coloured abaca paper, light cardboard.

This work was an attempt to create a nest, a womb as a way to reconnect with the maternal figure. It was featured at the exhibition Paperworks 2015 at Brunswick Street Gallery.

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